Real estate agents, business owners, banks, CPAs, and attorneys have learned to depend on us because of our uncompromising integrity and consistent communication throughout the escrow process. We’re a trusted partner of our clients, and we can help you navigate through the process of buying and selling a property. We know that your escrow is important to you, so you can expect the highest standards of professionalism while working with our team.

The Team

Meet our escrow experts! Get to know them so they can get to work for you.

Jennifer Mendigutia


(858) 260-3222 (office)

Jen is the owner as well as being an escrow officer at California Coast Escrow. She loves what she does and is one of those people who is truly meant to be in escrow. She has been in Escrow since 2003, and in national settlement services since 1997. Jen is really excited about what we are doing as a company to transform the escrow experience and always focusing on the experience that the agents, buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and all people touched throughout the Escrow transaction feel. Our completely paperless transactions allow for a seamless escrow process whether the escrow parties are next-door, across the state, in a different state, or even in another country. No matter where you are, we have you covered. With many years of experience, we are able to guide the novice to the expert through the escrow process, and help everyone move forward with confidence and ease. When not submerged in her escrow world...Jen loves spending time with her son, husband, and dogs in this amazing place we call home.

Summer Hayes

Escrow Office Manager

(858) 260-3222 (office)

Summer began her escrow career in 1998, she is a smart woman that knows her craft and is also known for her kindness and being empathetic with clients. Her deep sense of care will make your clients feel that they are important and in good hands! Summer heads up our San Diego team.

Hollie Jezak

Escrow Officer

(858) 260-3222 (office)

Hollie is an established professional with 20 plus years in the Escrow industry with an exceptional combination of experience and knowledge that is appreciated by clients and colleagues alike. Hollie leads up our Relocation and Orange County Divisions.

Daisy Rojo

Escrow Officer

(858) 260-3222 (office)

Daisy has been in escrow since 2008. She is an avid believer in family values which is why a connection with her clients is a top priority. Daisy’s attention to detail, excellent communication, and diligent work ethic lead allow her to provide an exceptional customer service. When she is not at work, Daisy enjoys spending time with my family and friends.

Ashley Escalera

Jr. Escrow Officer

(858) 260-3222 (office)

Ashley entered the field of escrow back in 2004 and has developed a deep knowledge of the real estate industry. She believes that providing an exceptional level of customer service to all parties involved in the transaction is paramount. The combination of Ashley’s customer service and years of experience allow for escrow to be completed with the highest quality. When taking a break from escrow Ashley enjoys spending time exploring San Diego’s great hiking trails with her husband and two dogs


Our local staff knows the real estate market inside and out. We’ve been connected to the community for years so we know exactly what’s required when buying and selling property in America’s Finest City. When you’re buying and selling in the area, our expertise can go to work for you ensuring escrow never becomes an obstacle. Let us put our industry insight and insider know-how to work for you so you can close quickly and easily. Our dedicated escrow officers can help you finalize your purchase or sale more effortlessly than you ever imagined.


Our expert team has over two decades of experience in the escrow industry. Since our conception, we’ve done our best to learn from industry mistakes. We also have a plethora of day-to-day time in the field to keep on the cutting edge in 2016. We know exactly what information you need to have ready to ensure a smooth escrow process, and can serve as your guide every step of the way so everything closes as expected. We aim to never exceed your projected timeline or budget. The only thing we’ll exceed are your expectations!

Excellent Service

When industry leaders in California need escrow services, they choose us. Why? Our high level of professionalism and dedicated service makes every step of the escrow process as easy as possible. We give specialized attention to each of our clients, tailoring their escrow services to meet their specific needs. We know that your escrow process will depend on the type of sale or purchase, so we offer customized solutions paired with a high level of care. When you want top-tier service with your escrow services, we’re here.

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