“I truly appreciate your professional assistance throughout the escrow process.”

-Bruce Braciszewski  

“Jen Mendigutia @ California Coast Escrow is, hands down, the best!  She has helped me with several transactions and I have not had one issue.  All pertinent documents are sent once and only once. BTW, no “I need this in 1 hour.” or “can you send that again” emergency phone calls.  I have not had one delay in escrow and I always feel like I know exactly what’s going on and what are the next steps.As you can tell, I have had my share of escrow nightmares.  Once I found Jen, I make sure to insist California Coast Escrow handles the escrow for my transactions.

I can stress about other parts of the transaction, but I know escrow is going to be taken care of!

Like I said, she’s the best!”

  -David M

“I have worked with Jen Mendigutia and her team (Daisy and Ashley) for years on dozens of escrows and i have yet to meet another escrow company that comes even close to the level of service provided. They are knowledgeable, resourceful and very helpful and best of all, they are always available. I highly recommend to agents, clients and loan officers to call Jen and her team for their escrow needs..”

-Dion N

“You are confirmed! THe best 3 words I love to hear when recording a sale and we hear it all the time from Jennifer Mendigutia, Ashley Escalera, and Daisy Rojo from California Coast Escrow. They are hands down, THE BEST Escrow Team. I have been a real estate and mortgage broker since 2008 and  having been involved in escrows with hundreds of escrow companies, the level of service is unparalleled. Not only are they on top of every addendum, payoff request, and document request they also are savy with esignatures and save our company tons of time with their efficient communication and extensive knowledge of the escrow process. Highly recommend to any agent or loan originator who can choose their own escrow company. Also recommend to a high volume broker who wants a higher quality team working with them.”

-Haik A

“It has been a total pleasure working with you. Thank you and your entire team for all your efforts!”

  -Pete Chang

“Jen at CA Coast Escrow rocks!  While not technically the officer on my purchase, she walked me through the whole process, explained the complexities to this first time buyer, and really saved me $$ when it came to closing costs and credits.  When it came time for a refi, it was a no brainer and Jen Mendigutia was the only one I would work with.”

  -Jason J

Jen and her team are superlative professionals – expert, precise, expedient and a pleasure to work with throughout our twelve years plus business history. No matter how complicated or challenging the closing transaction, Jen’s magic makes the process seamless and simple. Everyone at The Relocation Department, Inc. unconditionally endorses working with California Escrow Company.

-Patricia Lynch, President